Friday, 30 December 2011

First hexipuff!

hurray and huzzar! finished my first hexipuff!

"but what pixie smith" i hear you cry "is a hexipuff!"
well i shall show you dear people

this slightly squished version of what it should be (first go next will be better!!!!!) is the brainchild of tiny owl knits lovely Stephanie Dosen. who can be found at 

she creates bueatiful fairyland inspired knit patterns and provides free patterns on her website to knit along to <3 marvelous!

the hexipuff comes from her pattern the beekeepers quilt which i found on ravelry or can be seen on Stephanies website. The pattern costs about $5.50 which is roughly £3.67 and very much worth the money. I have several jumpers a few hats and tons of college work on the go at the moment so if i don't feel like any of that i can sit down and make another hexipuff! brilliant in between times knit:)

now only 383 left to go............... i shall keep you updated............

oh and one more thing i made these the other day

these are my recycled/ nuno/ needle felted/ banana fiber wrist warmers! Sorry i'm a bit excitable but i was quite pleased with these even though they haven't entirely worked though i think it adds to the charm.
I shall be adding these to mine and mr.pixie smith's etsy shop once thats back up and running so watch this space.

thats all for now fairy folks
much love
the pixie smith

1 comment:

  1. thank you lovely!
    your wristwarmers are super cuddly too. love em!
    stephanie (tiny owl knits)