Sunday, 8 April 2012

It's been a while....

Hi there

i's a pity but we won't go there..... :)

as you can see i've changed the page layout a wee smidge and also have been absent from here for a little while but i have been up to things i promise x <3

i've decided though i'm going to have a seperate page for things i've made with just the photo's and a brief explanation of what they are. You can find it under the tab feral beasties:)
In the blog i want to keep things i have learnt through inventing or making other peoples patterns so other people can have something if it is at all useful?!

i will mention when i add something to the feral beasties page but as it is eostre i'm trying to de clutter!

ok that's all for now

much love fae folk

the pixie smith

Monday, 23 January 2012

Second attempt to foil the pwchas

Back again so soon i here you cry! well yes actually i have more to show you all from the world of the pixie smith:)

I shall once again try to upload the second felted scarf i wanted to show you earlier. I'm not sure what the gods of the internet connection are angry about but maybe now they have been appeased........

Hurrah! here we have an attempt at making a felt feather boa:) I know it's silly but i like silly or had you not noticed that yet

Another slightly too bright picture of my chest but i think you get the idea.

Next we have another of tiny owl knits inspired creations.... but then again not quite. On the tiny owl knits webpage there was a free knit pattern for some felted heart rings or heartfelt rings if you will!
Naturaly being one of Stephanie's fans i immediately downloaded the pattern then promptly forgot to read it being as i was in the middle of having to write lots of coursework. Not to be put off by a mear thing like not reading the instructions i crocheted on and came up with this...

Now i realise it isn't anywhere near as good as Stephanie's but it is my own and it looks quite sweet i think <3
the real thing can be found here
Finally because i said i would lets talk about hats

This hat in paticular:)

This i made last year just in time for Samhain and I am rediculously over the moon pleased with it. It comes from Erssie Major or Erssie Knits and cost me about £3.00 for the pattern. However there is a beautiful set of hat, gloves, and cowl to be made all in the same Los Meurtos style, and it can be found  here .

The entire website is worth a good gander because there is so much free stuff to be found alongside all the glorious patterns for sale. Love it my fae folk.

Thats all for now

Much love fairie folk
the pixie smith

Returned at last..........

Too long has it been since i could update this blog dear pixie followers:( All has not been well with the internet in the house of the pixie smith, but it seems subdued for now so i shall take the oppurtunity to upload some terrible pictures of the things i have been making......

Firstly we have this little felty/ crochet purse but probaly going to be used to carry knitting or crochet around in thing:)

Far from the best picture I know but i shall take some more soon and show you the lining too. This was my first attempt at felting a piece of crochet and it didn't really work too well. The stitches were too big to start with and i didn't try hard enough whaen it came to the felting process but i love the colour of the wool and i'm really pleased with the needle felted handle so not too bad all in all.

Next we have a felt scarf which became a birthday present for the lovely mandi.....

 I really wish i had taken a picture before i backed this because beause both sides came out really well if i do say so myself. I was going for a sort of tropical sea type affect? maybe? i don't know:)

Tee hee you can almost see my hand knitted samhain hat in the corner:) this was my first attempt at fair isle type knitting so well pleased. For this pattern try ravelry pattern here or go to erssie knits webpage here. May do a seperate post about this.... now back to the scarf...... 

Here we ahve the wonderful Mandi modeling her birthday present... but wait look at the mask she is also modeling!!!!!! sadly not one of mine but she has passed on the secret of how to make them so expect to see some here in the future!!!!

ok I have more to add but the pwchas in the telephone cables have returned so i shall post this and try again later

Much love fairie folk
the pixie smith

Friday, 30 December 2011

First hexipuff!

hurray and huzzar! finished my first hexipuff!

"but what pixie smith" i hear you cry "is a hexipuff!"
well i shall show you dear people

this slightly squished version of what it should be (first go next will be better!!!!!) is the brainchild of tiny owl knits lovely Stephanie Dosen. who can be found at 

she creates bueatiful fairyland inspired knit patterns and provides free patterns on her website to knit along to <3 marvelous!

the hexipuff comes from her pattern the beekeepers quilt which i found on ravelry or can be seen on Stephanies website. The pattern costs about $5.50 which is roughly £3.67 and very much worth the money. I have several jumpers a few hats and tons of college work on the go at the moment so if i don't feel like any of that i can sit down and make another hexipuff! brilliant in between times knit:)

now only 383 left to go............... i shall keep you updated............

oh and one more thing i made these the other day

these are my recycled/ nuno/ needle felted/ banana fiber wrist warmers! Sorry i'm a bit excitable but i was quite pleased with these even though they haven't entirely worked though i think it adds to the charm.
I shall be adding these to mine and mr.pixie smith's etsy shop once thats back up and running so watch this space.

thats all for now fairy folks
much love
the pixie smith