Monday, 23 January 2012

Second attempt to foil the pwchas

Back again so soon i here you cry! well yes actually i have more to show you all from the world of the pixie smith:)

I shall once again try to upload the second felted scarf i wanted to show you earlier. I'm not sure what the gods of the internet connection are angry about but maybe now they have been appeased........

Hurrah! here we have an attempt at making a felt feather boa:) I know it's silly but i like silly or had you not noticed that yet

Another slightly too bright picture of my chest but i think you get the idea.

Next we have another of tiny owl knits inspired creations.... but then again not quite. On the tiny owl knits webpage there was a free knit pattern for some felted heart rings or heartfelt rings if you will!
Naturaly being one of Stephanie's fans i immediately downloaded the pattern then promptly forgot to read it being as i was in the middle of having to write lots of coursework. Not to be put off by a mear thing like not reading the instructions i crocheted on and came up with this...

Now i realise it isn't anywhere near as good as Stephanie's but it is my own and it looks quite sweet i think <3
the real thing can be found here
Finally because i said i would lets talk about hats

This hat in paticular:)

This i made last year just in time for Samhain and I am rediculously over the moon pleased with it. It comes from Erssie Major or Erssie Knits and cost me about £3.00 for the pattern. However there is a beautiful set of hat, gloves, and cowl to be made all in the same Los Meurtos style, and it can be found  here .

The entire website is worth a good gander because there is so much free stuff to be found alongside all the glorious patterns for sale. Love it my fae folk.

Thats all for now

Much love fairie folk
the pixie smith

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