Sunday, 8 April 2012

It's been a while....

Hi there

i's a pity but we won't go there..... :)

as you can see i've changed the page layout a wee smidge and also have been absent from here for a little while but i have been up to things i promise x <3

i've decided though i'm going to have a seperate page for things i've made with just the photo's and a brief explanation of what they are. You can find it under the tab feral beasties:)
In the blog i want to keep things i have learnt through inventing or making other peoples patterns so other people can have something if it is at all useful?!

i will mention when i add something to the feral beasties page but as it is eostre i'm trying to de clutter!

ok that's all for now

much love fae folk

the pixie smith

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